Windows Activator Download For 32&64 bit (Updated 2020)


Microsoft introduced an OS, named Windows and it took the market by storm.

Microsoft is owned by World’s Second Richest Person “Bill Gates”.

There has been a famous rivalry in between Apple’s Co Founder Steve Jobs & Bill Gates.

Steve accused him of stealing his idea.

With the launch of Win97, this OS revolutionized Computing.

User Friendly UI. Graphical Interface.

Even kids were able to easily operate computers.

In later years, (Win 98, XP, Win 7) proved to be the best among others.

Now they’ve stopped providing updates for Win 7 and Win 8.1.

However, I still prefer Windows7 over Win 10 – they need to make a lot of improvements.

Win7 got the classic look, and I could still remember the good old days when I had pentium 1 with Win98.

How to Install Windows 10, 8.1, 7

2 Ways to Install Windows:

  • DVD
  • USB

CD Rom has become obsolete technology, due to the internet’s cloud computing.

Even the latest laptops manufactured till date don’t have DVD Rom anymore.

Install Windows 10 from USB.

In order to make the USB bootable you need to install rufus.

Download Windows 10 iso from this link here.

Download Windows 10

After this you just need to restart your system and boot from USB.

For the detailed process, You can watch this complete tutorial here.

Windows Activator

Once you have installed the Windows OS, if the windows is not activated by Miscrofot. You can see “Activate Windows” Notification at the bottom right of your screen.

Without activating the Windows version, you’ll not be able to enjoy all of the features.

To Activate Windows, you need to download the compatible Activator and register your windows.

Windows 7 Activator Download

Windows 7 Activator Download

Windows 8 Activator Download

Windows 8 Activator Download

Windows 10 Activator Download

Windows 10 Activator Download

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