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If you are a movie addict and love to spend the leisure time while watching movies then you must go for Rainierland. Rainierland is a free movie watching website where users can watch and download various movies and television series online. Rainierland is famous due to its outstanding features and easy access procedure.

Rainierland is one of the leading websites that offers HD, 720p, Blu-ray movies to watch online. This site consists of a huge amount of movies from various countries with contrasting languages of different genres. With this site, users can watch their interesting movies. By just clicking on the title that you desire to look at and it will start streaming on your internet-connected device. 

Unlike other movie websites where you need a proper subscription and have to pay a little amount every month. Rainierland doesn’t charge any amount for watching movies and TV series online as it is available for free. You do not need to log in or create an account. Just with an active and fast data connection, users can watch movies online in good quality without any hurdle.

Why Use Rainierland?

Rainierland is illegal and its violating copyright law still, yet it has so many viewers around the world. The reason is its features. 

The following are some of the amazing features on Rainierland that made it a popular free movie website. Let’s have a look at them.

  • No subscription fee.
  • Rainierland offers vast content including movies, dramas, seasons, and much more.
  • Stream online movies in HD quality.
  • No ads or popups.
  • Easy to use, you will get to know all the features at once because of its simple interface.
  • No sign-up or credit card details needed.
  • All the latest content is available on the homepage.
  • No downloads involved.

Rainierland – Is it Legal or Scam Website?

There are so many scams and illegal websites over the internet. Back in 2016, the original website was shut down suddenly Rainierland’s owner Rainier Tamayo was arrested for piracy. It was claimed that the website streamed pirated content. As the site was again on the web, it was assumed that it’s legal. Well, that’s not true.

Rainier is an illegal site that streams pirated content. The content uploaded is not their own and it violates the copyright laws. But, that doesn’t mean that you are at fault for watching movies on the site. No one is going to arrest you for this.

Just remember to turn your location off and use VPN to keep your IP address hidden to keep away from any legal issues. You must have installed a trusted anti-virus on your computer or laptop that detects viruses automatically.

However, if you are still worried about using the website, go for Netflix or other licensed video streaming platform. But, you won’t get them for free.

Pros and Cons 

Judge whether you should use this website and watch movies/TV Serials and shows or not. Without wasting any time lets move towards the main topic advantages and disadvantages of streaming movies with Rainierland.

Let’s come to the right side of the website, so you can see your desirable top TV shows and movies.

High-Quality Videos

Rainierland Provides Hd Videos with HQ Audio service that is enough for your entertainment purpose. So, don’t need to worry about the quality of the videos. But if your net connection is slow and you are facing difficulty while streaming videos. For this, you can choose the multi servers along with different quality videos depending on your connection. 

Easy to Access:

Rainierland has a User-friendly Interface to access this website easily. The interface is clean, simple so anyone can access this website without any hassle. The movies and television shows names and details displayed suitably that helps users to urge the required movie or TV with satisfaction. At the Navigation bar, you’ll be able to see there are various menus of Rainierland shoes, the option to stream movies and choose your desirable TV shows.

Up-To-Date Database

Rainierland regularly updates its database to provide the latest update. The website database is amended after 3-4 days and comprises each new movie and online content for you. At the home page of Rainierland.Com, there are the latest trending and featured movies placed in beautifully, So that you can easily get those and watch the movies from the given ones.

No Need for Registration

Unlike different websites that demand a signup to the web site and add your MasterCard, Rainierland doesn’t need you to signup to the web site for any reason. simply visit the web site and begin watching the required movie without any interruption. there’s no need to signup and login to watch your favorite movies on Rainierland.


It has some obstructive effects too. Below are some disadvantages of streaming movies with Rainierland.

Loads Of Ads & Popups

The most troubling factor regarding Rainierland is that it holds plenty of pop-up ads. If you click on them by mistake then it’ll be redirected to a different page. So, you have to sensible enough to use Rainierland.

Illegal & violating copyright law 

Just like the torrent websites, it’s a prohibited website too because it serves pirated content. Downloading the movies, games, TV series from Torrent website is unlawful in several countries and the same applies to Rainierland. however it’s not a big issue, you can use a VPN simply to hide your location and the information processing address to avoid any legal problems.

Slow streaming

This is another con of watching movies on Rainierland. generally it takes forever to load the movie and doesn’t offer you the content to watch. The screen continued to indicate the loading for hours. So, the process of the Rainierland is sort of slow typically.


These were the details all you need to know before streaming movies on Rainierland. In short, it’s a free streaming of online movies website that has a bulk amount of movies and dramas related to various categories. 

Yes, it’s right that it’s an illegal website and unlike Netflix and Hulu it is not producing its own content but on the other side the appealing feature that attracts hundreds of viewers is it’s absolutely free.

It lacks some of the features and most importantly slow processing makes the website take a longer time to load the content. If the owner of the website fixes this issue This website will be superb to watch any movies without issue.

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